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Each of our instructors brings a unique blend of ingredients to the kitchen. Some teach techniques from days past, others work in the latest health arenas. Some come from the school of slow food while others strive to help busy families stay healthy. Some share foods from far away places and others bring their Southern roots to the table. Some times we step outside the kitchen all together.
All our instructors believe one thing, food matters.

Beth Lord

Company: The Manzana Tree

Specialty: Kids Food Playground

Beth is happiest when she is working with her hands and sharing her talents with others. While looking for a kitchen for her latest endeavor, The Manzana Tree, Beth found The Learning Kitchen. Building on what Lyn has so lovingly created, The Learning Kitchen Vol. 2 will offer new workshops, events and programming for kids. 

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Todd Tharp

Company: Hutchinson's Finest

Specialty: Biscuits & Special Events


Hutchison’s Finest, a Sunday morning biscuit and jam delivery service and special event catering. Raised in Atlanta, with deep roots across the South, his love of biscuit making is rooted in the story of his Mississippi grandmother, who made biscuits filled with honey twice a day.  Todd graduated from the French Culinary Institute in NYC and loves to share cooking techniques and classic french dishes with others.

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Terran Lewis

Company: Herb'N Eden

Specialty: Soap, Salves & Tinctures

Terran (and her husband, Quinton) are serious about soap. So serious that they began making their all natural, vegan soaps for others through their company, Herb'N Eden. You'll find her in the kitchen teaching Atlanta how to make soap, salves, tinctures, body butters, and more. And be on the lookout...these two are opening their first brick and mortar just outside Atlanta, in Douglasville, GA. Road trip!

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Nalini Mehta

Company: Route to India

Specialty: Ayurvedic cooking


Nalini teaches Ayurvedic cooking, a food science and philosophy with the same ancient origins as yoga. Through her company, Route to India, she offers culinary experiences like Ayurveda pop up dinners, wellness retreats and guides annual Ayurveda Culinary trips to India. She is a recent recipient of the James Beard Foundation's Women in Leadership Grant program for her work to promote wellness amongst food service professionals. 

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Ed Harris

Specialty: Vegetarian & Vegan Asian Street Food


Chef Ed Harris, Chopped and Iron Chef winner, received his education from the Art Institute of New York City and past experiences allow him to specialize in a variety of cuisine styles. Over the past decade, he has been heavily involved in several aspects of the food industry – From private events and various celebrity gatherings, to consulting on menu items and restaurant concepts.

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Ashley Holtzclaw

Company: Ashley Sue Baked Goods

Specialty: Pastries and Baked Goods

Ashley Sue is the owner and sole baker of Ashley Sue's Baked Goods – reimagined, nostalgic baked goods handmade in small batches. Ashley currently resides in Historic South Atlanta neighborhood with her husband, young daughter and two dogs. You can often catch her munching on doughnuts at Revolution Doughnuts or shopping at local farmers markets. 

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Ryanne Rothenberg

Company: Ry's Table

Specialty: Food as Medicine

Owner of Ry's Table, Chef Ryanne w/ a Masters in Public Health, spent over a decade in the non-profit sector traveling the world teaching nutrition & building food programs for undeserved communities specializing in maternal health. Her passions have lead her to holistic cooking through global flavors, Ayurveda, SE Asian cuisine & empowering people through food.

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Elliot McNally

Specialty: Natural Dyeing, Textiles

Elliot loves everything natural textile and fiber related. Elliot is the special collections librarian at SCAD Atlanta. With a background in fiber arts, she has taught bookbinding and dyeing workshops with a focus on local, ethical, and sustainable practices in Savannah, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Atlanta.

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Betsy Gonzalez

Company: Osono Bread

Specialty: Sourdough Bread & Cakes


After learning from bread bakers in Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, and Norway, Betsy was inspired to share their knowledge with by establishing a community-supported bakery. From the flora of the South, Osono Bread creates naturally leavened bread made from locally sourced grains and organic flours. 

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Debbie Lewis

Specialty: Modern Jewish Cuisine

Debbie Lewis, raised in the back of her mom's chocolate store, grew up surrounded by traditional Jewish cuisine; bagels, knishes, matzah ball soup and brisket. As a teen she traveled to Israel and became enthralled with the multidimensional food of the middle east. Debbie has combined her passion for cooking and culture to teach modern Jewish Cuisine. 

David DiCorpo

Specialty: Italian and Classic French


David’s love of food and teaching has its roots in his Italian heritage and his hometown of Chicago. Life was a celebration and food was at the core of it all. He does not consider himself a culinary professional, but rather a “damn good cook.” David’s classes are full of information, with hefty dollops of nostalgia, tips and tricks, off the cuff experimentation, and lots of humor. 

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Lyn & Tom Deardorff

Company: Preserving Now

Specialty: Lost Food Arts, Bread


Lyn and Tom make a quite a team. Lyn is the original founder of The Learning Kitchen and has remained on as our master of "lost food arts," including canning and preserving. Tom is a master of no-knead bread, and pretzels. Quite often you will find Lyn and Tom mixing it up in the kitchen together!

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